Submit a Job

First thing’s first

To submit a job online, you'll need to be Signed up and Logged in. 

You can do this by entering some basic information, then set up a password and provide any other information you feel like sharing. You can then use your email and password to log in. 


Job Details

Please remember to be clear about the details of your job, confirming things like; 

  • paper size, 
  • paper stock/weight, 
  • colour or B&W, 
  • single or double sided, 
  • binding details (if applicable), 
  • job deadline, and so on.

This will help ensure there are no delays. You might also want to leave your contact details so we can get onto you if we have any queries. 

Sending Files 

To submit online your file must be no larger than 2.5MB. Alternatively, you can use some other options; 

  • email us at (file must be no larger than 10MB) 
  • use online file sharing: Dropbox -,, etc. 
  • or you can do so in-store via a portable storage device, such as a USB or portable HHD, CD, DVD. 


When submitting job artwork, it's important to ensure it's set up the right way. Please refer to this Artwork Specification Instructions document for information on documents sizes, colour settings, file resolution, bleed and crop marks, etc.


And now you can sit back and relax. We'll contact you once the job is ready to go!

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