Why don't people respond to web inquiries? Back

Posted: 12:08 PM 23/01/2015

How often have you gone to someone’s website and made a request for information or a quote, with every intention of possibly making a purchase from them, and not got a response? It’s agitating, insulting and baffling! The reason they’re in business is to sell things and make money, yet they appear not to be interested in your offer to help satisfy this objective.


Using the web as a tool for sharing information with customers is supposed to be a way of satisfying our need for all things quick and instantaneous. However, it’s amazing how many companies simply don’t respond to these inquiries. Why have this function on a website and not use it?

At Dinkums, this frustrates us so much that we wouldn’t dare subject our customers to the same poor service and lack of respect! So, if you contact us via our website, we will always be on-call and we will always get back to you… and quickly! In most cases within the hour. And while we find we can usually satisfy your inquiry, if we can’t, we’ll try to let you know how you can, so you can get on with whatever it is your working on.

Feel free to email us any time at dinkums@dinkums.com.au or submit a question or quote request on our website, and take comfort in the knowledge that you’ll be treated as customer should be treated.

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