What’s important for a print service provider? Back

Posted: 12:00 PM 21/10/2014

Far be it from us to tell our customers what's important, but we'd thought we'd have a go anyway. We think some of the most important aspects of business, which are essential for both the success of a print service provider and the satisfaction of customers are quality product, quick turnaround and accessibility. 

Quality reproduction of work is so important for customers who take pride in what they've created, and therefore we think print providers, like Dinkums, need to focus on delivering the best reproduction possible. Having the best equipment. We also think that providing a convenient, easy and quick experience for customers - i.e. easy to deal with and fast - is another key success factor. Lastly, accessibility. This could be the difference between meeting an urgent deadline or not. Being open and availability beyond the usual 9 to 5, and on the weekends, having remote accessibility via an easy to use and functional website and having systems in place to ensure quick and helpful responses be it via the web, email and phone, is pretty important too. 

That's what we think... How about you?


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