Social Media Marketing Back

Posted: 12:00 PM 21/10/2014

In recent times, the role of digital marketing has become increasingly popular as a part of a small business’ overall marketing plan. The use of social media in particular has been a recent craze, and has shown us many examples of how businesses can get creative with their online strategy at minimal cost.

For some small businesses with limited marketing budgets, it has become a way to effectively engage with customers and get them interested in and more involved with a brand. Yet there are critics who argue that it is difficult to measure the success of digital strategies in terms of return on investment.  So is a social media strategy and a presence across platforms a sure fire way to increase the success of a business, or is it just a current trend that could eventually run out of steam?

Dinkums is currently active on Facebook and Twitter (@dinkumsprint), and have begun to build an online persona and interact with consumers through this channel. The introduction of an Instagram account could better share Dinkums’ story and personality through the use of beautiful, eye-catching content, could this be better way for Dinkums to engage consumers?

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