Welcome to Dinkums Print & Design

Dinkums has been a trusted source of printing and design solutions for over 20 years!

We reckon we've survived for so long because of the value we place our customer relationships. We're really customer focused!

We work with you to help you meet your deadlines or to satisfy your needs and we put as much care and thought into producing your work as you do preparing it.

Then we focus on doing 3 things very well...


Printing Quality

Your work deserves the best reproduction possible. With our experienced staff and the latest and most advanced printing, binding and finishing equipment, we guarantee this!

On-Call Availability

We're always here! Open 7 days a week - virtually every day of the year. And you can get us after hours via our website and email. We adapt to busy times of the year by staying open for you as long as we need to.

In Time Job Fulfilment

And because we’re always here, we can get your job done when you need it – no matter how unreasonable the deadline is. We have the equipment, resources, the flexibility around operating hours and systems and processes, refined over time, to ensure we can do this.


That's what makes us different. 

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